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Environment and Energy

In line with the vision of becoming a global company that first comes to mind in the international area in the business line of Glass Industry; protecting the environment is always prioritized by preventing or reducing all the environmental risks in the process from the production to the presentation of the product to the customer.

Implementation, continuous improvement of the environmental management system as well as efficient use of all the natural resources including energy, water and consumables consumed during our operations constitute the basis of our policy.

We have already activated our waste heat recovery facility, which is one of the most economical and environment-friendly projects among the energy resources. In this facility where the waste heat is converted into electricity, energy saving is ensured by greatly reducing the energy consumption.

CO2 emissions releasing from the natural gas consumption and the use of raw materials (limestone, dolomite and soda ash) are one of the most significant risks in terms of environment in the glass industry, and lead to climate change by causing greenhouse effect. These emission releases are monitored and controlled continuously through analyzers.

Conversion of the glass fractures formed during the production into the secondary raw material and re-inclusion of them into the production process enables the recycling to be applied efficiently. The reassessment of broken glass results in less energy consumption as well as less air and water pollution.

We carry out projects that use energy efficiently and effectively, and to this end, we prefer devices with high performance of energy saving. The environment and energy management objectives are determined by the environment and energy management units available in our company. The necessary works are carried out in line with these objectives. These objectives are fully aligned with the relevant environment and energy legislation.