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Investment Attack by Düzce Cam

Düzce Cam will produce electricity through the energy recovery from the flue gas of its facilities located in Düzce. Düzce Cam Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. Has prepared a project to recover energy from the flue gas in the Glass Production continuing to operate in Düzce 2nd Organized Industrial Zone. It is planned to generate hydrogen and nitrogen within the scope of the project.

How Will the System Work? In order to achieve energy recovery from the flue gas, the waste flue gases from the melting furnace through the channels will be directed to the waste heat boiler by a valve. When the waste gases pass through the boiler, they will transfer the heat energy to an ORC system. The ORC system and its turbo-generator will generate electric current. The current to be generated will be transferred to the distribution switchboard.

Investment Price is 44,3 Million TL The area to be covered by the energy recovery project has been determined to be 730 square meters. There are 2 waste heat recovery tanks within the scope of the project. It has been determined to be a total of 44,251,850 TL including the Project Cost for Energy Recovery from Flue Gas (10,000,000 € x 3,3575) 33,575,000 TL, Project Cost for Nitrogen Generation (1,850,000 € x 3,3575) 6,211,375 TL and Project Cost for Hydrogen Production (1,330,000 € x 3,3575) 4,465,475 TL.

Hydrogen to Be Put on Sale As Well The electricity to be generated within the scope of the energy recovery project in Düzce Cam facilities will be used in the units required for the internal energy consumption of the facilities. Hydrogen and nitrogen to be generated will be evaluated in the production process of the factory. It is also planned to sell hydrogen through the tube filling station.